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What Others Are Saying About Clint Blinka

Clint has been a great addition to our leadership development here at Pinch.  The specific strategies and accountability that he has pressed on to our key leadership team has brought tremendous growth.  Our managers have shown an increased desire to improve themselves. Their team coaching is on a level I have never seen before and this attitude change in our key leaders is making Pinch a better organization.  Clint is an amazing leader. If you want positive change then let him lead your team.

Lance Mutschink, Vice President of Operations – Pinch Transport

Throughout the yearlong Sales Mastery Program, my total sales increased by 80%!…  Clint has always provided sound, strategic advice when I needed it. I believe his ability to pay attention to detail gives him the tools needed to help others discover and solve problems. If you have a need for his services I would highly recommend him.

Cameron Kershner, Financial Advisor – Edward Jones

Just experienced a fabulous workshop with The Growth Coach! Wow-I can’t wait to use some of these new ideas to help LearningRx-Huntsville, The Woodlands, and Spring serve our communities better!!!

Lisa Branch, Owner – LearningRx

Great marketing seminar today with the Growth Coach. Highlighted so many details of business growth, retention and ideas to increase customer based spending. I enjoyed hearing ideas and tactics used by other local business owners. I left with renewed ideas and encouragement to further our marketing plan. Thank you.

Frankie McCaffety, Owner – McCaffety Electric

Clint was a wonderful speaker!! Me and my coworkers definitely learned a lot about the way we market, and who we should be marketing to. He took a lot of the typical things you would think about marketing and turned them upside down and really made you think about the way you represent your brand. I would encourage anyone who wants to better themselves or their business to go to at least one of his seminars!

Taylor Brown – Joe Monteleone State Farm Insurance

Clint is a natural born leader, I have had the pleasure of working with Clint through numerous community events and initiatives including a leads exchange group in Walker County and he truly looks to help each business grow by catering to their needs. An honest and polite person who can help you in getting the most out of your employees and staff.

Kyle Barnard, Assistant A.D. for Corporate Partnerships & Development – Sam Houston State Univ.

I really enjoyed the Strategic Marketing Workshop today. I came away with ideas I can use to reach out to new customers as well as maintain current customer relationships. I learned a lot from Clint and other participants as well. Well done.

Sue Slater, Owner – HomeGrown Marketplace

I was genuinely inspired by the Strategic Marketing seminar.  It helped me to recognize some of my strengths and weaknesses.  But more importantly it gave me the desire to really define and improve my weaknesses to help make them strengths. The measurement tools were an “ah-hah” moment. The small group size was perfect for learning from Coach Clint as well as others attending. I felt we were engaged in the learning process and the materials and curriculum were excellent. I feel motivated for action!

Dee Everett, Account Executive – KSAM & The Hits

This is great for all entrepreneurs to stay on track! The workshops break down the little things that most people forget about when running a business. Such as mission statements, marketing completion and more. It’s all about the proper planning and being productive to reach your goals in any business. I highly recommend this!

Chris Holmes, Owner – Soul Productions

Clint has done amazing things for me and the rest of the group that are doing a year long sales program with him. Everyone in the class has benefited. When you think you might know it all… you learn something new. It’s amazing!

Houston Glover, Sales Manager – SMP Supply

Clint totally changed the way I set, review, and evaluate my personal and sales goals. I attended one of his Quarterly workshops and he guided us through how to design, implement, and track these goals to grow both personally and professionally. Without attending his seminar, I would have had my simple, “Sale X amount this quarter” but he enlightened us on how that was not an adequate goal and we could do so much more with a more comprehensive goal. Thanks again Clint! This will be my best quarter yet!

Lucas Carroll, Sales Producer – Allstate Insurance

The Growth Coach of The Woodlands is great! Have something you are wanting to accomplish but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you are stuck and need a boost?? I took a workshop and it was just what I needed to get my thoughts going in the right direction. I left more motivated, determined, and inspired!! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some direction!

Ashley Tomczak, Owner – Ranch Road Creations

I’ve been to similar workshops in years past but I think yours was by far the best.

Lora Pace, Account Executive – Newman Printing Company

I love Clint and the Strategic Planner with The Growth Coach. In my first 90 days, I had huge improvements with my work life and personal life. A perfect balance that I have been looking for as a business owner. I now make more money and work less.

Ashlee Page, Owner – Texas Sweet Tees

Clint put on a very informative seminar on how to better manage your time and resources while growing your business. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and found it to be very helpful, and would highly recommend him to anyone that is in business for themselves. From athletes to business owners and employees, Clint is truly a great coach!!

Riley Smith, Assistant Strategic Wealth Director – Global Financial Partners

After attending a Business Growth Workshop, I knew that the Strategic Mindset Process could be extremely beneficial to all of our chamber members and their businesses. The process allows you to reflect, evaluate and strategically plan in order to enhance your operational procedures and ultimately grow your business.

 Carol Smith, President – Huntsville/Walker County Chamber of Commerce

Flexible, yet stern, uncompromising integrity, strikingly personable and strategically creative are all ways that I would describe Coach Blinka. I’ve seen first hand the steadfast dedication he has for his clients. While having Clint Blinka as my coach and mentor, I’ve seen him make countless personal sacrifices in order to help me achieve my dreams of becoming a member of the prestigious USA Track & Field Team! Without the hard work and unwavering support of Coach Blinka, my success would not have been possible. He can help you build upon your strengths, while identifying areas of growth. Resolve to no longer be average, rise above the opposition. In the midst of today’s competition, if you don’t choose Clint Blinka as your coach then honestly, your at a disadvantage!

Matthew Johnson, Director – Fellowship of Christian Athletes

I have been tremendously fortunate to be coached, mentored, and trained by Clint Blinka. On the recommendation of a colleague, I reached out to Clint when I moved to Texas four years ago. I told him that I had an ambitious athletic goal, but I was unsure how I would reach it or what was truly feasible. While Clint had no tangible reason to believe in me or my dreams, he did – still does – and that sense of passion and commitment is exactly why he is such a great coach. As a former All American, a post collegiate athlete, a recent law school graduate, and an Army wife, Clint has always seen and appreciated the many hats I wear and how important it was to maintain work-life balance and excellence in my career, while pursing athletic dreams. While I juggled all of my endeavors, Clint never wavered. He was always willing to put in more work, and he did so with a positive attitude. He provided a solid sounding board for new training ideas and strategies, worked on long term goals, and gave constructive analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. I am certain he will bring that same level of passion and dedication to every client no matter what their professional and personal goals may be.

Dominique McLeggan-Brown – Law Clerk

I have had the pleasure of knowing Clint for 3 years now. He was a great coach for Sam Houston State University and is still a great father to his family. He consistently pushed for excellence in his athletes and made sure his family came first, even with a demanding season. Clint will work for you with passion and a willingness to get the very best for you, as he does for his family. I would always recommend Clint in anything he does because he does so with everything he has.

Steven Reynolds – Athletic Trainer

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I am Clint Blinka and I want to be your Growth Coach. I launched this business because I want to see people achieve success while flourishing in all aspects of their lives. Whether that means having a more profitable business, being able to enjoy more time off, managing time more effectively or lowering your stress level, we can get there. Business coaching is not just for those who are seeking help or stuck in a rut, but for anyone who wants to improve, get better and achieve greater results. Even the greatest athletes in the world work with coaches because they understand that the experience, knowledge, guidance and accountability can take you to a higher level. I want to help you achieve that higher level.


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